Malvern Elementary School

Malvern Elementary School serves area students in kindergarten through fourth grade. At MES, the students, faculty, and families work together to create a positive and fun learning environment for everyone. When you visit our classrooms or walk our halls, you’ll see teachers passionate about teaching and learning, students prideful of their school, and everyone striving for excellence.

Each fall we recognize our students who scored proficient or advanced on the state Benchmark exams. They are awarded medals and certificates for their accomplishments. We are extremely proud of our students and their continued success. The students and staff members are aiming to meet and exceed state standards each and every day!

Our students participate in a comprehensive literacy curriculum during their time at MES. The teachers work daily to ensure that the students in their care are becoming fluent readers and outstanding writers. MES is working hard to make the transition to the Common Core State Standards in both math and literacy. Students, parents, and teachers are working together to build a strong learning foundation that will lead to a smooth transition to the secondary level schools.

MES Volunteer Information
Volunteers are always welcome at Malvern Elementary! Our volunteers help teachers by assembling learning games and take-home books, reading to children, or listening to the children read. Go ahead, learn more about volunteer oppertunities at MES.

Our Watch D.O.G.S. program is a great way to volunteer, too. If you are interested in volunteering at MES, please contact Becky Hedges at or call her at (501) 467-3166.

MES Bookfair!

School Hours are 7:45am - 3:15pm

Contact Malvern Elementary School
1807 W. Moline Street
Malvern, AR 72104
(501) 467-3167

Meredith McCormack, Principal

Lillan Harper, Assistant Principal


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